Metals Industry

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You want more than an inspection company with industry experience; you want an inspection company with metals industry specific experience.

CATSI provides a variety of services to the top names in your industry and when we staff a job, we make sure it’s with professionals who know the equipment, know the processes and understand the task at hand.

Core Service Offerings

  • Asset Integrity Inspection Services
    • Cooling Towers
    • Stacks & towers
    • Coal Handling (conveyor systems)
    • Coke Plants
      • coke batteries & associated equipment
      • quench towers
      • waste gas systems
    • Furnaces (blast furnaces, BOFs, electric arc, smelters)
      • shells and associated equipment
    • Finishing Mills (rolling, coating, plating etc.)
      • cranes & runways
        • crane runway instrument surveys
        • crane rail lifespan analysis
      • production equipment
      • lifting devices 
  • Competent and Qualified Services
    • API 653, 510 & 570
    • Certified Weld Inspectors
    • NACE
    • Rappelling
    • QA Inspections
    • Non-Destructive Testing
      • Visual Inspection (CWI)
      • Ultrasonic Thickness
      • Magnetic Particle
      • Dye Penetrant
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