Structural Fireproofing

Structural Fireproofing INSPECTION SERVICES
CATSI, Inc. can assist owners in maintaining the structural integrity of their Fireproofing systems. The fireproofing systems within an operating facility are critical to the emergency protection of equipment support systems and exposed equipment in the event of a fire. The fireproofing serves to limit flame spread due to its low thermal conductivity. CATSI looks at the threat potential when assessing the systems, including large spill, high temperature and high pressure dangers. We identify issues pictured here before they become a potential liability to plant personnel safety, operations and the environment.

Our services include:

  • Plant Wide Fireproofing Survey
  • valuate Threat Potential of System Failures
  • Catalogue and Document Items and Findings
  • Estimate and Recommend Fireproofing Material
  • Identify Exposure Boundary Limits
  • Identify and Prioritize Repairs to Fireproofing and
    Underlying Steel Based on Risk

What We Look For:

  • Cracked, spalling, loose and missing fireproofing
  • reviously removed and replaced fireproofing
  • Potential corrosion under fireproofing (recommend investigation removal of fireproofing)
  • eading edge entry of potential environmental exposures
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