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workerConstruction Support Services
For over 35 years, CATSI has been providing Site Construction Inspection Services for the Pipeline, Terminal/Marketing, Electrical Transmission/Distribution and Gas Transmission/Distribution Industries.  CATSI’s Construction Inspection Services assist the customer’s coordination and execution of single and multidiscipline construction projects.

Our inspectors are tasked with monitoring all construction related activities to help ensure a safe work environment and work behavior while assisting the constructor’s effort to execute the project in accordance with the owner’s goals and objectives.

CATSI Inspectors will act as a liaison between the owner’s point of contact, the on-site Contractor(s) and the owner’s local operations personnel. Our inspectors will establish and maintain a professional working relationship and an open communication plan with all parties involved in the construction effort.

Our inspection services will include:

  • Coordinate construction crafts
  • Verify trade/company Q/A procedures
  • Monitor safety from pre-job safety meetings, daily toolbox meetings to project closeout.
  • Collection, creation and maintenance of all related construction phase documentation.
  • Verify compliance to design intent with owner and/or industry standards.
  • Submission of project completion documentation encompassing all construction phases.
  • Monitor the security and integrity of the owner facilities and equipment affected by the project.
  • Coordinate 3rd party inspection requirements of tasks identified by the owner and/or OQ program.
  • Verify work permits when required and other operation/owner systems/procedures.
  • Verify contractor compliance with project, owner and industry standards.

Levels of Construction Inspection Services (Owners’ Field Representative)

  • Construction manager
  • QA Vendor surveillance
  • Construction coordinator
  • Construction facilitator
  • Certified discipline visual inspector
  • Shop inspection
  • Material inspection
  • Safety inspector/coordinator
  • DOT or OQ specific inspector services
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