Our Comprehensive Suite of Services Designed to Optimize Your Operations.

With decades of proven experience spanning diverse industries, our team is poised to evaluate, innovate, and implement projects and systems that drive enduring success.


Asset Integrity

Power plants, oil rigs, refineries, and intricate systems rely on asset integrity to sustain their efficiency and effectiveness. CATSI's team of highly skilled professionals are committed to delivering solutions that maximize the value of your projects and empower your facility.

Our comprehensive suite of asset integrity services, spanning inspections, asset management programs, non-destructive testing, and drone inspections, is dedicated to preserving the health and longevity of your critical infrastructure.


Construction Management and QAQC Services

Our construction support services encompass vigilant monitoring of all construction-related activities, to ensure projects align seamlessly with the owner’s goals and objectives.


Turnaround Support

CATSI’s turnaround support services encompass comprehensive vendor surveillance, precision-driven implementation planning, and meticulous post-project performance reviews.


Fall Protection

CATSI’s certified OSHA fall protection competent installers have the expertise to design, install, and maintain fixed fall protection systems that meet the highest safety standards. From horizontal lifelines to tie-offs, our installations are built to protect your workforce from fall-related accidents.


Drones & Robotics

Our cutting-edge Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) seamlessly complement our inspection and data acquisition services, providing a safe, efficient, accurate, reliable, and cost-effective approach to data collection.

Powered by Our People™

CATSI is part of the Allied Resources Group (ARG). Our family of technical companies offer a collaborative environment, flexible work opportunities, and a family-centric culture.